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Snowflake Ring Packing - 翻译中...

Snowflake Ring packing is a kind of packing that adopts a one-piece design and a connection design inside, which can cause the gas and liquid to flow more smoothly inside, and can ensure the smooth flow of a large amount of liquid and gas;

The connection position of the Snowflake Ring packing is specially treated, so there is no worry about product disconnection, and it can be used with confidence in a variety of complex environments. It provides excellent separation efficiency and environmental application capabilities, such as washing and stripping. Tests have proved that Snow Ring packing is the most effective filler for groundwater air stripping applications, with a removal efficiency of 99% or higher.

Plastic Snowflake Ring - 翻译中...

For the maximum tower of performance, Snowflake Ring offers a unique combination of superior separation efficiency and high capacity. It is widely applied in the Chemical Processing Industry.

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