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Raschig Ring - 翻译中...

Raschig ring is also called Cylindrical ring. It was invented by F. Rasching in 1914. As one of the earliest tower packing in the Chemical Industry, Raschig Ring is also the most widely used column packing worldwide. Pall ring was exactly developed from Raschig Ring.

Ceramic Raschig Ring - 翻译中...

Ceramic Rasching Ring has excellent acid resistance and heat resistance. It can resist to corrosion of various inorganic acids, organic acids and organic solvents except for hydrofluoric acid.

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Metal Raschig Ring - 翻译中...

Metal Raschig Ring (MCR) is proved to be a kind of good tower packing a wide range of mass transfer applications. It provides one of those largest surface areas among tower packing options.

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Metal Super Raschig Ring - 翻译中...

NAIKE Metal random packing is made of materials like carbon steel, stainless steel or Aluminum alloy, etc. The product has features such as thin wall, heat resistant, high void ratio, high capacity.

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Plastic Raschig Ring - 翻译中...

NAIKE Plastic Raschig rings are pieces of the tube (approximately equal in length and diameter) used in large numbers as a packed bed within columns for Distillations and other chemical engineering processes.

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