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Intalox Saddle - 翻译中...

Intalox Saddle ring has been developed by NORTON in the 1970s. Compared with Raschig ring, Saddle ring has the advantages of large flux, low pressure and high efficiency. The packing bed with rectangular saddle ring has a large void fraction. Ceramic Intalox saddle ring is suitable for distillation, especially while operating with acids. Intalox Metal Tower Packing always be called IMTP worldwide.

Intalox Metal Tower Packing - 翻译中...

Metal Protruded Corrugated Sheet Packing is perforated 70 very small holes with thorn per square centimeter, then is pushed to corrugated sheet, finally it is assembled to the coil.

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Ceramic Saddle Packing - 翻译中...

Description Ceramic Intalox Saddle is divided into two different types of products according to their properties, one is often used in the field of Chemical and Petrochemical industries, another is mainly used in environmental areas such as RTO equipment.

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Plastic Intalox Saddles Ring - 翻译中...

NAIKE Plastic Intalox Saddle Ring'middle part of this packing is the arc liquid channel so that the flow of air along with arc liquid channel.

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